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29 June 2022
PVSC – 49th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

Viktor Dancza, our Engineering Director, presented his paper last week at the 49th IEEEPVSC, a leading premier scientific and technical conference with a rich tradition of gathering innovators, researchers, policy makers and PV leaders.

Solar, together with wind, are mature technologies presented as two of the most promising alternatives in the future energy mix to mitigate the CO2 emissions from the power sector. Coupled with energy #storage as the balancing assets, they will be key solutions to the global clean energy transition. To overcome the technological barriers to the massive scale-up of efficient and sustainable renewable energy deployment, collaborations between industry leaders, policy makers, the scientific community and renewable energy companies like Blueleaf Energy will be critical to facilitate problem-solving and #innovation. Bravo and congratulations Viktor! We are proud of your research contribution and thank you for representing Blueleaf Energy’s commitment to accelerate the energy transition at this global scientific platform!