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Asset Management

Maximising your production performance

Our Asset Management team provides both Commercial and Technical Asset Management and is proficient at looking after projects from commissioning and throughout the life of the system.

Our Remote Operation Center Engineers are centrally located and are dedicated to monitoring our customers’ assets from our state-of-the-art Remote Operations Center (ROC) in Manila, Philippines. Our Asset Management team at our headquarters in Singapore and in our key countries proactively provides data-driven performance guidance to asset owners in order to maximize the productivity of their assets. This enables around-the-clock access to information and smarter operations, delivering an uptime of over 99% for the power plants we manage. 

Our Technical Asset Management Services include:

Remote Monitoring

Asset Performance Reporting

Asset Performance Analysis & Improvement

Incident Management

Management of the local O&M Service Provider

Contract & Warranty Management

Stakeholder & Compliance Management

Our Commercial Asset Management Services include:

Commercial compliance management

OPEX planning (cost for future projects)

Asset performance reporting (technical + commercial)

Energy invoicing

Management of the local Commercial Asset Management Service Provider


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Maximise your plant's production performance.

Our customer’s benefits

Zero Capex
Our experts will connect your assets through your existing SCADA system to our digital cloud-based remote monitoring platform. We offer this service free of charge that could otherwise incur charge hefty fees.

Opex Savings
Partnering with us will eliminate the need to build your own internal asset management system and will minimize your organizational complexity by not having to manage multiple contractors.

Increase in Asset Performance
On average we have been able to achieve a 99.8% uptime for the assets we manage. Employing predictive and corrective maintenance techniques coupled with robust remote operating system, equipment downtimes are reduced, equipment reliability is increased while asset replacement costs and delivery times are optimized

Highest Asset Performance Transparency
We deliver a daily and monthly comprehensive performance and maintenance report for each of your assets based on your plant’s key performance indicators (KPIs). You will also receive web-based access to your performance data so that you gain real-time access to important information that influence your energy output and revenues.

100% Reliable Data
We build centralised, robust and highly reliable systems to collect all operational performance and maintenance data which you can retrieve at just a mouse click away. Access to these data will increase the value of your assets in a potential sales or investment process which will create a competitive advantage for your company.

Workforce Health & Safety
Safety is necessary to maintain a well-functioning operational system and reduce the asset owner’s exposure to risks, claims and violations. We deliver a fully optimized maintenance strategy without compromising on safety. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our internally developed WHSE method statements and risk assessments which we implement with local O&M contractors. We independently supervise their on-site duties and ensure the strict implementation of our operational guidelines.


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