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Our Mission & Values

What drives us forward


Accelerate the energy transition through innovative renewable solutions for a net-zero future


  • Be a leading Renewable Energy platform in Asia Pacific
  • Deliver innovative and sustainable renewable energy solutions for our customers and be their partner of choice to support their energy transition journey
  • Build a culture of excellence in the development and safe execution of all our projects
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics and integrity

Our Values & Organizational Principles

Blueleaf Energy’s vision and mission come to life through our five core values and operating principles:

We are a SAFE & SUSTAINABLE company

We accept our responsibility towards  environmental, social and economic sustainability. We are driven to support a safe and healthy working environment, helping our people, our planet and our business thrive for long-term prosperity.

We are one TEAM

We work together as one team across countries, diverse cultures and business units. To foster trust and mutual respect in our conduct, we create an open and transparent work environment for our colleagues to express opinions and ideas and hear what others have to say.


We are committed to excellence in all that we do, as we continually listen, learn and innovate to create greater value for our people, customers, partners and shareholders.


We are hands-on, dynamic, result-oriented team taking calculated risks to stay competitive and build long-term value.

We act with INTEGRITY

We believe in strong values, morals and principals, and follow them consistently. Across markets, we adhere to the same code of conduct and apply the highest ethical standards towards all key stakeholders and the local communities we work in.