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Corporate Solutions

Our team is committed to helping corporates advance towards their decarbonisation targets, enabling a sustainable transition to a net-zero future.

As a leading renewable energy company with a presence across multiple markets in the Asia Pacific, we are uniquely positioned to help corporates navigate complex regulatory environments and overcome hurdles in the implementation of their successful renewable procurement strategy.

What we offer:

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Through Power Purchase Agreements (“PPAs”), we sell electricity generated from large-scale Solar PV and Wind systems that are financed, built and operated by Blueleaf Energy.

The energy can be physically delivered directly to the site through private wire or via state or national grid. In market where policy allows for it, we can also provide Environmental Attributes through Virtual PPAs (“VPPAs”).

World-Class Systems & Components

As a practice, we only use Tier 1 components for all of our renewable energy projects. Our uncompromising focus on quality has allowed us to serve clients from a wide range of industries: from the power generation, mining, education, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Customised RE solutions

Depending on the jurisdictions and our customers’ needs, we also offer integrated renewable energy solutions, using multiple technologies (wind, solar and battery storage), through innovative contract structures that are competitive and reliable.

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