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At Blueleaf Energy, we look for innovative and entrepreneurial employees who are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise and share our vision for a greener planet as well as our passion for solar energy. Blueleaf Energy is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity.

Our latest job openings can be found on our LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in submitting your resume for consideration, you may write to us at jobs@blueleafenergy.com


The public is advised to be aware of recruitment scams using the name of Blueleaf Energy

Blueleaf Energy has received information that online recruiters are impersonating Blueleaf Energy personnel and using the blueleaf energy name to falsely advertise job opportunities in the United States. 

Our sources indicate that the fraudsters usually (i) conduct online screening interviews via Google Hangout, (ii) claim they will send the target funds to cover office equipment etc. and (iii) request the return of unused funds.

Any purported recruitment done on behalf of “Blue Leaf Energy” or any similar-named entity in the United States was not authorised by Blue Leaf Energy Asia or any of its related companies.

Blueleaf Energy currently has operations in Singapore, the Philippines and Germany.  It does not have offices or operations in the United States or other parts of the Americas.

Shortlisted candidates for legitimate Blueleaf Energy job openings will receive responses only from Blueleaf Energy HR personnel who have authorised email addresses, specifically jobs@blueleafenergy.com or addresses ending in: @blueleafenergy.com.  Blueleaf Energy does not use gmail addresses for business purposes.

Those who believe that they may have been targeted by fraudsters are suggested to:

  • - ignore such calls or messages
  • - not transfer any money or provide any personal details
  • - report the matter to your local law enforcement agency