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26 August 2019
Conergy rebrands as Blueleaf Energy

SINGAPORE, August 26, 2019 – Conergy, one of the region‘s largest downstream solar companies changed its name to blueleaf energy on Friday.

Over its 20 year history, Conergy installed almost 2 gigawatts of capacity globally and developed, built and operated approximately half a gigawatt of solar plants in Asia Pacific. Today, it specializes in the development, finance, delivery and operations of PV solar power plants for both commercial and industrial solar rooftops and utility scale solar power systems.

The rebranding was done to reflect the company’s changing focus towards the ownership and operations of solar energy systems and its transformation from a solar EPC contractor.

The name “blueleaf energy” was selected to represent the color of a solar cell and the process of photosynthesis where sunlight is harnessed into another form of energy to sustain life. The name also calls to mind the green and clean credentials of the business.

Marc Lohoff, blueleaf energy CEO said, “We will continue to build upon our global experience in development, finance, delivery and O & M but we are now capable of so much more.  As an operator and owner of solar energy systems, we are transforming the commercial and industrial solar rooftop landscape in Asia with a new and innovative approach, breaking down cost barriers and further applying value engineering, making it more affordable than ever to go solar.”

Lohoff, further adds, “We are very excited about moving forward with this new name and new brand identity to support our growth strategy.  We’re now into a whole raft of solar applications and business models – including traditional grid-connect solar, storage, floating solar and C&I solar rooftop systems. We are not merely rebranding our company, changing our name and taking on a new look. We have fundamentally changed the way we do business.”