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1 MWp :

Sumba Island, Indonesia

February 2017

Conergy, one of world’s leading solar energy service providers, successfully completed and connected to the grid in February 2017 the first utility-scale solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara province. This solar facility has a 1-megawatt installed capacity and was built in cooperation with PT. Buana Energi Surya Persada.

Construction of the solar plant began in September 2016 and was completed last month, with a total investment of USD 2.2 million (IDR 28 billion).

The new solar plant will generate more than 1400 MWh of electricity per year and is expected to provide power to more than 11,600 households in the Sumba area. The energy produced by the solar plant will be sold to PLN through a long-term power purchase agreement and will supplement the existing electricity supply in the area. The Sumba plant will also offset the production of up to 920 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the equivalent of avoiding emissions from at least 250 vehicles per year.

“Sumba is one of the regions which holds massive solar power potential, since the area receives sunlight at an average of 5 kWh / m / day and radiation of 1,000 watts / m throughout 5 hours every day. Through our investment in the solar power facilities that we have built with full support from Conergy, we want to show the world how great is the potential of solar energy in Indonesia, and at the same time giving a meaningful contribution to improving the quality of life of people in this area,” said Rico Syah Alam, President and CEO of PT. Energi Surya Buana Persada.

 Alexander Lenz, CEO of Conergy said, “Indonesia is a large country blessed with abundant sources of renewable energy. Harnessing these resources will contribute to build the country’s energy supplies, will diversify the energy mix and will facilitate the growth and development of the economy. We are delighted that through this project, we will be able to contribute to the government’s efforts in realizing 35,000 MW in power capacity across Indonesia.”

Sumba Island, Indonesia

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Project Highlights

  • Project Type

    Solar Farms

  • Location

    Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

  • Date

    February 2017

  • Installed Capacity

    1 MWp

  • MWh produced annually

    1,400 MWh annually

  • Modules

    3,872 PH crystalline modules

  • Inverters

    44 string inverters

  • Mounting System

    Sigma II

  • Size of Plant

    17,000 square meters

  • CO2 emissions saved

    920 tons/year

  • Project Region