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12.4 MWp :

Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

August 2012

Double Milestone: Second park with Conergy
With the 12.4 MW solar park in Nakhon Pathom province, Conergy together with local partner Annex Power have built a second solar park for the investors Yanhee Solar and Ratchaburi Electricity who entered into a joint venture as Solarta.

In the new solar park, quality plays a major role: Conergy components are providing maximum yields and are now feeding 19,500 MWh of clean electricity per year into the local grid. It is supplying more than 7,700 Thai households with clean electricity while avoiding over 11,500 tons of CO2

Premium quality meets output insurance
The 12.4 MW follow-up project benefits not only from the Conergy System Technology but also from additional services like the Conergy Output Insurance: “This conscious decision for Conergy quality components shows that even in the price-sensitive Asian market, quality plays an increasingly important role. With our comprehensive services, we deliver far more than just components. Our unique Output Insurance solution, underwritten by a third party insurance company, covers up to 90% of all yields for up to 10 years — previously this was almost inconceivable in Asia and now creates an outstanding planning and investment security,” according to Alexander Lenz, Conergy CEO.

Sun instead of fossil or nuclear power
Investors like Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha, founder and CEO of Yanhee Solar, are preparing the way into Thailand’s solar future: “The current situation in Japan shows once again that we are on the right track with the increased investment into solar energy in Thailand. It is a good feeling when our country, the environment benefits from our investment. Furthermore, solar energy offers excellent returns for investors — especially if you have such highly efficient partners as we have. We have been extremely pleased with Conergy and Annex Power‘s performance with our first large-scale solar project in terms of quality, delivery and value. They have the technology and all the right people in place to deliver excellent quality from optimized systems design to on-schedule construction.”

Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

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Project Highlights

  • Project Type

    Solar Farms

  • Location

    Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

  • Date

    August 2012

  • Installed Capacity

    12.4 MWp

  • MWh produced annually

    19,500 MWh annually

  • Modules

    56,000 Conergy Power Plus

  • Inverters

    200 Conergy IPG 15T and 25 IPG 300C

  • Mounting System

    Conergy Solar Linea

  • Size of Plant

    268,500 square meters

  • CO2 emissions saved

    11,500 tons/year

  • Project Region