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2 MWp :

King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia

December 2009

The roof top of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is certainly unique. It bears the first and largest solar installation of Saudi Arabia as of 2010. 

6,000 times around the world in a car 
The roof top solar installation is installed on the north and south laboratories of the university. The power system features premium components, combining over 9,300 high-efficiency solar modules with Conergy Suntop III mounting systems and Conergy 280K central inverters. The photovoltaic plant occupies 11,577 square meters of roof space and produces 3,332 megawatt hours of clean energy annually, while also saving up to 3,320 tons of carbon emissions. This equates to carbon offsets of approximately 6,000 circumnavigations of the world by car. 

A secret formula 
Conergy partnered up with system integrator National Solar Systems (NSS) for this project. The Hamburg based solar experts designed the park and were responsible for the engineering, supervision and commissioning while installation works and operational management were implemented by NSS. 

Oil-rich Middle East goes green 
Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) with approximately one-fifth of the world‘s proven oil reserves, is planning to make solar power a major contributor to its energy supply. With its favourable insolation levels and extensive areas featuring very low population densities it shows ideal characteristics for the deployment of solar energy. 

“We are extremely pleased to be part of this ground-breaking project,” says Marc Lohoff, Conergy‘s COO.
“We support the future of renewable energy in the Middle East with our solar know how and the latest technology. This project demonstrates that the development of alternatives to traditional fossil fuel has taken on a new urgency, even in oil-rich countries like Saudi Arabia.” 

King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia

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Project Highlights

  • Project Type

    Rooftop Installations

  • Location

    KAUST, Saudi Arabia

  • Date

    December 2009

  • Installed Capacity

    2 MWp

  • MWh produced annually

    3,332 MWh

  • Modules

    9,306 Monocrystalline

  • Inverters

    280K central

  • Mounting System

    Conergy Suntop III

  • Size of Plant

    Conergy Suntop III

  • CO2 emissions saved

    3,320 tons/year

  • Project Region

    Middle East