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830 kWp :

Hokkaido, Japan

April 2014

With Conergy’s entry into the Japanese growth market, the company further expands its strong footprint in Asia with an 830 kilowatt solar power plant in Shinhidaka, Hokkaido for the local investor Fujicom Co Ltd. As the general contractor, Conergy was responsible for the design and engineering of the plant as well as for the supply of the components. Fudosan Kanri Center acted as the local construction partner of the ground-mounted installation.

Since April 2014, more than 3,300 “P-Series” Conergy modules on Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems have been producing over 900 megawatt hours of clean energy per year, while avoiding 440 tons of CO2 emissions. The solar power plant will contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint of the country which has increased by nearly 40% since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in the spring of 2011.

In 2013, around 7 GW of photovoltaic systems were installed in Japan, up from 2 GW in 2012. This figure substantiates the country’s commitment to the change and the strong focus on clean energy in the long term. With a large percentage of PV in the national energy mix, Japan will reduce its carbon footprint while refraining from nuclear power and excessive fossil fuels in the future. The outlook is bright: experts predict strong growth with installed capacity rising from 7 GW of new build capacity per year to 8 GW in 2014.

“Japan is a role model for a systematic and rapid energy transition,” said Alexander Lenz, CEO of Conergy Asia & Middle East. “Japan is expected to have installed close to USD 20 billion worth of PV systems in 2013, up 82% from USD 11 billion in 2012. As a company, we aim to benefit from this rapid growth in demand for solar PV installations. Over the past year we have stepped up our business development efforts in Japan and these are now showing promising results.” Conergy aims to benefit from this growth potential and Managing Director Hideyuki Otaka will drive the company’s business in the local market. “Conergy will leverage the experience and trust it has built in various countries worldwide and apply this to its business in the Japanese market.”

Hokkaido, Japan

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Project Highlights

  • Project Type

    Solar Farms

  • Location

    Shinhidaka, Hokkaido, Japan

  • Date

    April 2014

  • Installed Capacity

    830 kWp

  • MWh produced annually

    905 MWh annually

  • Modules

    3,300 Conergy PH crystalline modules

  • Inverters

    22 central inverters

  • Mounting System

    Conergy Solar Linea I

  • Size of Plant

    17,945 square meters

  • CO2 emissions saved

    440 tons/year

  • Project Region