3 MW
Solar Farms
Ayutthaya, Thailand

Project Highlights

Project Type

Solar Farms


Ayutthaya, Thailand

Installed Capacity​

3 MW

MWh produced annually

4,471 MWh annually

CO2 emissions saved

1,971 tons/year

The solar park in Ayutthaya sets a new record. With its 3 MW it was Southeast Asia’s largest private solar power plant in March 2010.

Conergy was responsible for planning, development, acquisition of components and general supervision of the project which is located about 70 km from Bangkok. The park was built in two phases: In the 2nd quarter of 2010, Conergy connected the first megawatt to the Thai public grid; in the second construction phase, the remaining two megawatts were connected to the grid by February 2011. The Conergy team managed the entire project from the very first concept up to the successful connection the public grid.

Forming partnerships based on confidence
Tackling such a milestone project requires strong, local ties. The Hamburg-based solar specialists carried out the construction of the solar park with its Thai partner, Annex Power. By forming this partnership, international experience and local knowledge were successfully combined. A crucial factor for the investor to choose Conergy was to work with an expert that they can trust in. The Managing Director of Yanhee Solar, Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha, says: “For our first large solar project, we looked for an established partner with international references in the photovoltaic market — and found it in Conergy.” The result of these strong ties between all partners is a record breaking solar park which is setting new standards in the entire region.

A green, renewable future for Thailand
Solar energy has gained considerable importance in Asia — and the market will continue to grow rapidly. Marc Lohoff, Conergy COO says: “The project is a milestone for Conergy in Asia and strengthens its position in the Thai solar market. We are looking forward to supporting the efforts in Thailand to produce more electricity from renewable energies.” The goal is clear: The Thai government wants to meet 20.4% of its energy requirements from renewable energies by 2022. The Conergy solar park in Ayutthaya certainly is a huge step towards this future.